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Film Flight Service(FFS) in KO FILM

14 May,2018

As the start of a new year, filmmakers are getting ready for the start of a new filming season.

As new equipment and new technology emerges in the industry, the ‘controller of the imagine’ —DP, is faced with tremendous pressure and challenges.


Apart from the camera crew which the DP relies on heavily, are the equipments he uses. Winning a war without armies is like winning a war without weapons! While shooting a long length feature film, the normal running of the equipment has always been an important factor to the stabled quality of the image.


针对摄影指导的需求,克诺KO FILM RENTAL在新的一年里推出全新的技术服务标准。
Directed at the DP’s need, KO FILM RENTAL has released a new standard of technical service.


即,凡选择克诺KO FILM RENTAL设备服务的影视剧组,超过一个月的拍摄周期,克诺KO FILM RENTAL提供一次免费 “飞行服务FFS”-Film Flight Service专业的维护人员带着专业的维护设备去往国内任何地方,为剧组的摄影设备进行全面检查与保养,尤其是机器及镜头的卡口,焦点校准等。为摄影指导和摄影团队解忧,为剧组拍摄提供精准服务,以保证正常拍摄。
This service will be provided to all KO FILM RENTAL clients that are hiring equipments from us for longer than a month, a free Film Flight Service(FFS), the service includes professional maintenance of the equipments anywhere domestic, with full inspection of the equipment as well as maintaining top status of the gears, especially lense adapters and back focus adjustments. The service is aimed at fully eliminating potential troubles for the DP and the camera crew, as well as to provide accurate services needed for the production and therefore, making sure the stability of the shooting process.

克诺KO FILM RENTAL的“飞行服务FFS”设备部分如下;  
The KO FILM RENTAL FFS package will including the following items:





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