ARRI Alexa SXT Plus

Camera Type 35 format film-style digital camera with an electronic viewfinder, a 16:9, 6:5, 4:3 or Open Gate switchable active sensor area, built-in support for the ARRI Wireless Remote System and the cmotion cvolution lens control system, built-in filter holder, Lens Data System, integrated shoulder arch and receptacles for 15 mm lightweight rods
Sensor 35 format ALEV III CMOS sensor with Bayer pattern color filter array.
Photo Sites Sensor Mode 16:9
2880 x 1620 used for 16:9 ARRIRAW 2.8K
3168 x 1782 used for 16:9 ARRIRAW 3.2K
2880 x 1620 down sampled to 1920 x 1080 16:9 ProRes HD
2880 x 1620 down sampled to 2048 x 1152 for 16:9 ProRes 2K
3200 x 1800 used for 16:9 ProRes 3.2K
3200 x 1800 up sampled to 3840 x 2160 for 16:9 ProRes 4K UHD

Sensor Mode 6:5
2578 x 2160 used for 6:5 ARRIRAW 2.6K
2560 x 2146 down sampled to 2048 x 858 for 6:5 ProRes 2K Anamorphic
2560 x 2146 re-sampled to 4096 x 1716 for 6:5 ProRes 4K Anamorphic

Sensor Mode 4:3
2880 x 2160 used for 4:3 ARRIRAW 2.8K
2880 x 2160 used for 4:3 ProRes 2.8K

Sensor Mode Open Gate
3424 x 2202 used for Open Gate ARRIRAW 3.4K
3424 x 2202 used for Open Gate ProRes 3.4K
3414 x 2198 up sampled to 4096 x 2636 for Open Gate ProRes 4K Cine
Operating Modes 16:9, 6:5, 4:3 or Open Gate sensor modes. Switching takes approx. 60 seconds. All sensor modes available in ARRIRAW and ProRes.
Frame Rates 16:9
0.75 - 120 fps 
0.75 - 96 fps
0.75 - 96 fps
Open Gate 
0.75 - 90 fps

All speeds adjustable with 1/1000 fps precision. Some limitations based on recording media or recording format apply. For a detailed table of frame rates click here
Recording Media SxS PRO or SxS PRO+ cards (requires SxS Adapter 2)
CFast 2.0 cards (requires CFast 2.0 Adapter 2)
XR Capture Drives (requires XR Adapter)
SXR Capture Drives (requires SXR Adapter)

Note: XR Capture Drive Docks require Codex Production Suite to read XR Capture Drives recorded with ALEXA SXT. 
Supported Media SxS PRO 64 GB (SBP-64A)
SxS PRO+ 64 GB (SBP-64B & SBP-64C)
SxS PRO+ 128 GB (SBP-128B & SBP-128C)
LEXAR 3600x CFast 2.0 cards 256 GB
XR Capture Drives 512 GB
SXR Capture Drives 1 TB
SXR Capture Drives 2 TB 
Monitor Outputs 4x MON OUT BNC connector for uncompressed 1.5 G HD-SDI video: 1920 x 1080 (16:9), 4:2:2 YCbCr; legal range HD video at 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, or 30 fps. MON OUT 1b is a clone of MON OUT 1a. Embedded audio, time code, metadata and recording flag.
Image Processing 16 bit linear internal image processing in full ALEXA Wide Gamut/Log C color space. Target output color spaces: Log C, Rec 709 or Rec 2020. An ARRI Look File (ALF-2) containing the name of the target color space, CDL values and a 3D LUT can be applied to ProRes or MON OUT images and will be saved in metadata. Optional horizontal image mirroring.
Synchronization Master/Slave mode for precision sync of settings, sensor, processing, HD-SDI outputs and ARRIRAW or ProRes recording for 3D applications. PHASE user button for shifting camera phase to move phase artifacts out of frame, i.e. when shooting a CRT monitor or rear screen projector (works in Rec Run TC mode).
Playback Playback of ARRIRAW or ProRes recorded material visible on EVF-1 and MON OUT. Playback audio available over headphone jack and embedded in the MON OUT signal.
Audio 1x XLR 5 pin AUDIO IN for 2 channel, line level, balanced audio. 24 bit/48 kHz A/D conversion. Uncompressed PCM audio recording to ARRIRAW, ProRes and embedded in all HD-SDI outputs. Only available with same project/sensor speed at 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 fps. Max of 2.5 dBm output from AUDIO OUT headphones connector.
Connectors 1x media slot
4x BNC monitoring out HD-SDI, 1.5G MON OUT
1x XLR 5-pin analog audio in AUDIO IN
1x BNC return video in HD-SDI, 1.5G RET/SYNC IN
1x LEMO 16-pin external accessory interface EXT
1x Fischer 2-pin 24 V power in BAT
3x Fischer 3-pin 24 V remote start and accessory power out RS
1x LEMO 2-pin 12 V accessory power out 12 V
1x LEMO 5-pin timecode in/out TC
1x TRS 3.5 mm headphone mini stereo jack AUDIO OUT
1x custom LEMO 16-pin electronic viewfinder EVF
1x custom LEMO 10-pin Ethernet with 24 V power ETHERNET
1x Fischer 5-pin Lens Data Display LDD
2x Fischer 5-pin Lens Control System LCS
1x Fischer 12-pin for CLM-2, CLM-3, CLM-4 or later IRIS
1x Fischer 12-pin for CLM-2, CLM-3, CLM-4 or later FOCUS
1x Fischer 12-pin for CLM-2, CLM-3, CLM-4 or later ZOOM
BNC connectors are designed for fast exchange without camera disassembly. These connectors require a special tool (ALEXA Plus BNC Removal Tool, K5.72915.0).
SD Card For importing and storing of ARRI Look Files, camera set up files, frame line files and user pixel masks and custom lens tables for the Lens Data Archive (LDA). Stores frame grabs in ARRIRAW (.ari, 12 bit), TIFF (.tif, 16 bit), DPX (.dpx, 10 bit) or JPEG (.jpg, 8 bit) format. Stores log files. Also used for installing Software Update Packets (SUPs).
Upgrades The Storage Interface Module can be exchanged for future storage modules. The Electronics Interface Module (available as either regular ALEXA or ALEXA Plus versions) can be exchanged for future control electronics. An easily exchangeable lens mount allows other lenses beyond LDS PL mount lenses to be used. Simple camera software updates via free of charge Software Update Packets (SUPs).
Software Tools (apps) ARRIRAW Converter (ARC)
ARRI Color Tool 
ARRI Meta Extract
Software Tools (online) ALEXA Camera Simulator
Lens Illumination Guide 
ARRI Frame Line Composer (AFC) 
LUT Generator 
ARRI Formats & Datarate Calculator
  Note: Technical data based on SXT Software Update Packet SUP 1.0. All data subject to change without notice.



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